Welcome to the She RAMROD community.

Please note: RAMROD 2021 has been cancelled along with most other Seattle-area summer endurance rides. Until we are able to ride together again, join us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and join the Strava Club to get connected, build community and start training together for RAMROD 2022 and other summer endurance rides (e.g., Flying Wheels, STP, RSVP, and High Pass Challenge).

What is She RAMROD?

She RAMROD is an initiative formed to encourage, support, and empower cis-women, trans-women, and non-binary cyclists to engage in endurance cycling, particularly, Ride Around Mount Rainer in One Day (RAMROD) 2021. In 2019, only 131 of the 800 riders were women, we want that to number to rise. To read more about the goals of this community, see the about page.

What is RAMROD?

RAMROD is an unforgettable ride in the beautiful Mount Rainer National Park. Organized by Redmond Cycling Club, riders cover around 150 miles over about 10,000 feet of elevation in a single day. Together She RAMROD riders will train, have fun, and crush this crazy awesome ride!

Because of it's breathtaking setting, RAMROD is an extremely popular ride. However, the National Park service restricts participation to 800 riders. To get a spot to ride, enter the lottery open now until March 25!