Build & Maintain your Cycling Base during the Fall & Winter Months


Event description

You worked hard during the summer to build a strong cycling base that you don’t want to completely lose as the weather turns cold & rainy and minimizes our cycling outdoors. So how do you plan to be ready to jump back on your bike, feeling confident that you maintained a solid cycling base when the warmer, drier weather starts showing up again?

Join us, as Kari Studley, PT, DPT, shares and discusses with the group how to create a plan to build and maintain your base during the Fall & Winter months.

A few questions to ask yourself to prepare for the discussion:

  1. What are your training goals for 2021?
  2. How do you plan to keep your cardio during the winter months? Cycling, running, skiing, etc.
  3. What alternative and complementary activities to cycling would you like to add? e.g. strength training, yoga, etc
  4. What is your plan for indoor cycling?
  5. Do you plan to ride outdoors during the Fall and Winter months?

More on Kari Studley
Kari has over 10 years of elite and professional level race experience in mountain bike, cyclocross, and road cycling. She is a UCI Masters World Cyclocross Champion, three-time National Cyclocross Champion, 2009 Single Speed Cyclocross World Champion and 6 time Washington State Cyclocross Champion. When not on the bike, Kari merges her experience and passion for cycling and human kinetics as a bike fit specialist at Corpore Sano. Kari received her Bachelor of Science in Sport and Exercise Science from Western Washington University, and her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Eastern Washington University.

Event Recording
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