Who We Are

We are a group of badass women who are here to encourage, support and empower women to ride RAMROD in 2020!

Our Objective

The mission of She RAMROD is to encourage, support and empower cis-women, trans-women, and non-binary cyclists to ride RAMROD in 2021 so that 20% of riders are women. This means 160 of the 800 riders need to be women. Thoough in the past three years the number of women riders has been slowly creeping up, we think if we as women cyclists support each other we can hit 20%! Below are the numbers from the past 3 years taken froom a post on the RAMROD Facebook page:

  • 2019: 131 women or 16.4% of riders
  • 2018: 122 women or 15.3% of riders
  • 2017: 114 women or 14.3% of riders

How do we reach 20%?

Increase Lottery Entries: Since RAMROD is a lottery of 800 riders, and typically 50% of people who put in for the lottery actually get into the ride, we need around 320 women to put in for the lottery. In addition to the 320 women, since some people who win the lottery drop out, we’d need to account for a number of women who win the lottery to cancel. Given the cancellation of RAMROD 2020, there will be some volitility in exactly how many lottery winners will participate in 2021 and whether or not there will be a second lottery in March 2021.

Women Supporting Women: She RAMROD aims to build a communiity of women who enjoy endurance cycling who will support each other physically and mentally while we train and participate in endurance rides, particularly RAMROD. We will be organizing training rides, clinics, along with sharing information to help you prepare for RAMROD and other endurance rides.